About Me



自出版作品集《戛然而止的生活》 《Life comes to a grinding halt》、以及多部联合出版的出版物。


邹寿庆与莫欣的儿子,感谢他们带我来到这个世界。 Son of Zou Shouqing and Moxin, thank them for bringing me into this world.

Zou Biyu, Photographer. Born in 1985 in Guilin, Guangxi, and living in Chengdu.My work is based on real life and is concerned with the changes and social transformations of the times.

2013-2017 Full senior editor and senior photographer of sina.com.cn. In recent years, many of his works have appeared on the Internet, books, galleries and photography festivals.

His works have been shortlisted for Xitek’s Award for Chinese New Photographers and first Ruan Yizhong Photography Humanist Award, and have ever been nominated by Joop Swart Masterclass, Magnum Foundation and Jimei Arles discovery Award.